Malcolm X and his fight for basic human rights

People remember Malcolm X. Older generations in America who lived during the hard time of instability the country suffered from know how long was the way to what we proudly call America now. The USA in which all rights are respected was not always like this. Its history knows hard time of murders, anger and hate. Having become the home for many nations, the USA became as well the arena for struggle. Malcolm X played a key role in fight for freedom of black. He also brought understanding between white and black population of America and saved the last ones from negligence of American society at that time. This article was created thanks to the payday loan affiliate programs

His life and vision

Malcolm X or Malcolm Little was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1925. His father was the Baptist preacher and professed the ideals of freedom for black population of America. His activity in the church and community soon made the family of Mr. Little fear for their lives. The US of that days did not cherish black population. Because of continuous threats from Ku Klux Klan, Mr. Little took his family away from home and moved to Lansing in Michigan. Unfortunately, it did not save his life. In 1931 Mr. Little was killed by white. Back then the prosecutors neglected this fact and the guilty were not imprisoned.

Rebellion life

Most probably, it hurt small Malcolm and became the turning point in his future life. From that time on he had a life of a rebellion, getting involved in small crimes. That led to the fact that being 21 he was imprisoned. The prison became the second important étape in his life. There he got acquainted with the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, the most influential leader of the Nation of Islam. It was a religious and nationalistic organization. The main idea that underlied the activity of the Nation of Islam was to protect black population. But not only. It was quite a radical organization, members of which stayed for separatism, nationalism and perceived white Americans as devil. Such ideas influenced Malcolm. They corresponded to reality: white Americans killed his father. Having become acquainted with the teaching of Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm soon after having become free, joined the organization. Exactly during that time Malcolm took his pseudo X. X is unknown. That was what Malcolm wanted to say by it. He was a person with no real identity in society of anger against black.

Afro-American Unity

Soon Elijah Muhammad felt Malcolm X gained too much respect and authority in his organization and did everything possible to eliminate his presence in it. That led to the fact that in 1964 Malcolm established the organization of Afro-American Unity. Perhaps, the most lucid difference with newly founded organization and the Nation of Islam laid in key arguments. Malcolm wanted rights and freedoms for black people but he also wanted it to be done in a far peaceful manner. He was for Afro-American Unity. He truly fought for mutual understanding.


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