The secrets of death of Malcolm X, the key civil rights fighter

Malcolm was only 40 when his former colleague has pulled a bullet to his chest. The key figure in an Afro-American civil rights movement has left Earth leaving his wife with 4 children, two of whom were born soon after his death. Although killers were found the same year, situation still has a lot of unanswered questions and controversial moments, which still wake some doubts about these accusations’ accuracy.

What does official version tell?

Since Malcolm has left the Nation of Islam, assassination attempts have become routine for him. The next February somebody has put a bomb in his car, 5 months later somebody has bombed house where he lived with Betty and two children. His wife began accepting calls like “Your husband is as good as dead” and even FBI has been earning calls that he will be dead soon. Attempts were so often that reporters have often seen Malcolm with a gun peering out his windows.

Attempts to kill ended on February 19. This day Malcolm has been preparing to make a speech at Audubon Ballroom when someone has started a panic in the crowd of listeners. Benefitting from resulting chaos, the killer came close to Shabazz and made a shot in a chest. There were also two other people who began making random shots, trying to frighten and mislead the audience. When police returned, all three gunmen were caught by attentive audience but this did not save him. He drew his last breath at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital with 21 wounds in his chest, shoulders, and arms.

Even though all three gang members were caught and sentenced to life imprisonment, nobody can tell names of exact murderers. Some evidence told that there were 4 of them, some tell that the crowd captured wrong people. Anyway, these killers were partners of the Nation of Islam. An organization, which did not support Malcolm’s leave motivated by internal disagreements and made everything possible to stop him. Luckily, it didn’t succeed as he stays alive in minds of any active citizen.

The legacy of Malcolm X

Although not all people have been accepting views of Malcolm X, he became one of those who inspired further fight for civil rights. The place, where Malcolm has died, Audubon Ballroom has turned to a Memorial revealing his life and achievements. If you want to know more about his activities, you are welcome to visit Malcolm and Betty Shabazz Memorial and Education Center located in Washington Heights in the Downtown Manhattan. Don’t forget to bring your travel card with you as it can not only bring free miles during your flights and free nights in New York hotels but allow you to make an easy donation to this Center honoring the legacy of legendary Malcolm X.

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