Interesting facts about the life of civil rights fighter Malcolm X

You don’t need to be a Harvard Law School student to know about life and achievements of Malcolm X. He was not only a key figure in the Afro-Americans civil rights movement but also a religious person, devoted to Islam and his family. Although so many people know about him and visit Malcolm and Betty Shabazz Memorial, there are still some facts you didn’t know about his life. Here you can find the 5 most interesting from them.

5 interesting facts about Malcolm X:

  1. As Nation of Islam has never feared to proclaim views which are controversial to governmental ones, it was always under FBI direct control. Malcolm didn’t even know that one of his bodyguards was an FBI agent. He also didn’t know that 3 people out of his co-workers will organize his murder in an Audubon Ballroom;
  2. Being a person with the high level of social influence, Malcolm X also had people who have been influencing him. One of them was the NOI leader Elijah Muhammad. This man was also the reason for Malcolm’s disappointment in Islamic religion when he know Elijah having 6 relationships with women within the NOI;
  3. Malcolm’s law teacher was always laughing at his desire to become a layer. She has always been insulting him that there is no road to becoming a lawyer for black people. Nevertheless, two years after his death the New York Times called him the second sought after speaker in the US. And law teacher never knew that after not many years after his graduation, her student will stand in front of best lawyers defending rights of Afro-Americans;
  4. “Kennedy never foresaw that the chickens would come home to roost so soon” – this was exactly what legendary speaker has said when asked to comment on John Kennedy’s assassination. Due to a high resonance, made by this speech, NOI has banned him from making speeches disregarding his reputation as one of the most talented speakers of the 80s;
  5. Film made after the Malcolm X biography has appeared in the Top 10 movies of the 90s with actor Denzel Washington nominated on Oscar.

Where to find more about life of Malcolm X?

These 5 facts do not show even a tiny part in civil rights fighter’s life. If you want to know more – you should once in your life visit the memorial of Malcolm and Betty Shabazz at Washington Heights. Here you will find kiosks organized by Columbia university, where you will read all necessary information about them. Nice travel and don’t forget your travel card as with it you can not only use your free miles and extra nights in hotels but also make a donation to Shabazz educational center.

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