For the good of people: Malcolm X and the endless fight against racism

The history knows many personalities that left a considerable legacy after them. That very much relates to Malcolm Little or Malcolm X, the fighter for basic human rights. He was black and fought for those who were black, bringing not only recognition in society for them but also fostering development of democratic America, that today is free of any prejudices.

What made Him fight

Obviously, it was Malcolm X’s internal motivation and wish to fight for the rights of black population. Though it was not only education and high level of self-consciousness that made him act this way. The childhood of him in that days America was cruel. Malcolm learnt from the early years that his compatriots see superiority in their skin color. The father of Malcolm Little (the true name of Malcolm X) was killed by the white-skin racists. This was a tragic event in Malcolm’s life. His father played an important role in society, he was also true fighter for the decent living and full recognition of black citizens. His death marked the first crucial moment for Malcolm. The second tragic event was not less horrible. His uncle was lynched. That tragic moments led to the fact that his mother was put into psychiatric clinic. From that time Malcolm was taken from his family. Most probably the loss of all relatives led to the fact that he became a hooligan and was imprisoned at the age of 21.

Fighting for freedom

Soon after receiving freedom, Malcolm became a member of the Nation of Islam, organization that fought for the rights and freedoms of black population. Nation of Islam was one of the most powerful and active religious and nationalistic organizations in the USA at that time. Malcolm X soon after becoming a member gained high recognition in the organisation. From that time he led a strong fight against the negligence of basic rights of black people. In approximately 10 years, in 1964, Malcolm X left the Nation of Islam and soon established Organization of Afro-American Unity. In his newly created organization Malcolm X fought for black citizens of America to be respected. He wanted them to receive the basic rights and to manage their lives by themselves. He wanted social programs for black people, their close reunion, and life in strong protected community.

Though the life of Malcolm X was not an easy one, he fought peacefully and he was what we call now the Ambassador of Peace rather than avenger. That is why in American history his name occupies a respectful place. American nation commemorated his personality with Malcolm X Boulevard.

Great people live forever in our hearts. The democratic world will always remember Malcolm X as a strong and charismatic leader who built the bridge between white and black people. In 1965 ‘The autobiography of Malcolm X’ was published. It was written by Malcolm Little himself in co-authorship with journalist Alex Haley.

Malcolm X is still present between us!

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