Why should anyone visit Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial?

Where do you go first coming to NYC? Ordinary people always try to reach Wall Street with its magnificent skyscrapers or Broadway with its splendid theatres and street performances. However, human right activists never go this way. As soon as they’ve finished all necessary procedures, they go to Washington Heights and reach Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial.

The history of Shabazz Memorial

The house on 3940 Broadway was not Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial until 2005. It was previously known as Audubon Ballroom, the building, where Malcolm used to make his speeches and the one, where he died in 1965. Since unknown activist had shot Malcolm in his chest, this place has deserted earning negative reputation. After 2 years Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center has bought this building out because previous owners had no money for paying a rent. Although new owners have planned to destroy this building, they have met strong opposition from Malcolm X supporters.

Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center didn’t want survival of this building. They have seen that as a place for a new medical research center and they couldn’t find any ways of creating it within the existing building. Luckily, the wife of Malcolm, Dr. Betty Shabazz and Grass roots group have organized an opposition movement stating that this building should remain as a memorial of life of Malcolm X. And consensus was reached when new owners have agreed to devote part of their building for commemorating the legacy of a human rights activist.

Why should you visit this center?

Even if Afro-American civil rights movement is not of your interest, once in your life you should visit this memorial. This way you will not only make your tribute to all Malcolm was fighting for, but you will know much more about his life and achievements. You will also see the large mural exemplifying Malcolm’s activities and the life-size bronze monument of a human rights activist. Columbia University has also made some contribution for the memorial organizing kiosks with all necessary information about the life story of Malcolm X.

If you want to visit this memorial during your trip to New York – don’t forget activating your travel cards. They will not only help save miles of flights and money while booking places in hotels. You will get a lot of fancy discounts and use this card to donate to this Memorial and Educational Center. Don’t think that it will take only 5 minutes to visit the Education Center. Remember that normal visit to this place takes about one hour so plan your expenses and time carefully. Anyway, you will never regret coming to the place commemorating the key player in the Civil Rights movement.


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