Malcolm X and his fight for basic human rights

People remember Malcolm X. Older generations in America who lived during the hard time of instability the country suffered from know how long was the way to what we proudly call America now. The USA in which all rights are respected was not always like this. Its history knows hard time of murders, anger and

The secrets of death of Malcolm X, the key civil rights fighter

Malcolm was only 40 when his former colleague has pulled a bullet to his chest. The key figure in an Afro-American civil rights movement has left Earth leaving his wife with 4 children, two of whom were born soon after his death. Although killers were found the same year, situation still has a lot of

Interesting facts about the life of civil rights fighter Malcolm X

You don’t need to be a Harvard Law School student to know about life and achievements of Malcolm X. He was not only a key figure in the Afro-Americans civil rights movement but also a religious person, devoted to Islam and his family. Although so many people know about him and visit Malcolm and Betty Shabazz

For the good of people: Malcolm X and the endless fight against racism

The history knows many personalities that left a considerable legacy after them. That very much relates to Malcolm Little or Malcolm X, the fighter for basic human rights. He was black and fought for those who were black, bringing not only recognition in society for them but also fostering development of democratic America, that today

Why should anyone visit Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial?

Where do you go first coming to NYC? Ordinary people always try to reach Wall Street with its magnificent skyscrapers or Broadway with its splendid theatres and street performances. However, human right activists never go this way. As soon as they’ve finished all necessary procedures, they go to Washington Heights and reach Malcolm X and